The maintenance of proper postural hygiene in the workplace is very important to prevent the rapid advancement of numerous musculoskeletal pathologies, such as lumbago, herniated discs, scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, cervicalgia, muscle contractures or sciatica.

For a correct selection of office furniture that ensures efficient work for all levels and functions of companies, it is necessary to take ergonomics into account, that is, to ensure that the workplace and its conditions are responsibly adapted to the workers, based on the analysis of the environment, their capabilities and what they will be doing.

Ergonomics can have a big impact on the productivity and profits of an organization. When employees are working on terminals of poorly designed work, muscular fatigue, tiredness, headaches and other ailments may become factors that diminish the effectiveness of the organisation. These factors decrease morale and motivation and eventually, may cause injury or diseases. A good ergonomics program can help reduce the physical efforts imposed on employees during the performance of their duties and to increase morale and motivation which results in a positive effect on productivity.

All offices require that people interact with the work environment. The design of desktop, the location of the computer, the type of chair and the space in general where people work affect ergonomic conditions. Complicating even more the situation, is the fact that people are of different sizes and shapes, and the work environment needs to be adjusted to comply with the requirements of individual employees.

Ergonomic experts take into account, certain aspects for design and the nature of the work, such as: the hours required in the office, the movements that are repeated during the day, the tasks that must be done. Productivity is often based on the comfort of employees and it is essential that they feel safe in the environment, one that is free of pain or discomfort. When we talk about the selection of office furniture, we must take all this into account.

Office Furniture

It is a fact that currently, most workers do their jobs sitting more than seven hours a day. During the workday, the posture is usually the same all the time and that could be unhealthy, especially if the desks are not designed to have a good position. For this reason, the desk, station or work table is probably the element with the greatest ergonomic impact for those who work with a computer or notebook, which must be complemented with a suitable chair.

A correct posture at the workplace is essential to avoid physical problems, that is, the forearms must be parallel to the work surface, forming a right angle with the arm; the back must be supported on the back of the chair. With both feet resting on the floor, the knees should form a right angle. Also the desk should have a good height and the office should have good lighting.

In design of office furniture, you must consider all the necessary elements that make up the work team, including the appropriate accessories, to develop tasks comfortably and safely and have a level of mobility that avoids the problems associated with physically monotonous work and static.

The office furniture, along with the environment, must promote both the postural changes that avoid the tendency to statism, as the mobility, allowing the comfort of the worker and generating an increase in productivity.

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