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Norwich Back Pal Kneeling Stool


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A kneeling Stool designed to improve spinal posture and prevent lower limb musculo-skeletal stresses.

The Norwich Back Pal Kneeling Stool is a multi-award winning product for people who need to adopt a static kneeling posture during aspects of their work.

Originally designed in Norwich for District Nurses, it is compact (with folding legs), lightweight and easy to clean. Its use prevents the user's body weight compressing their lower limbs - whilst the gently sloping seat helps to promote a more upright spinal posture when performing tasks between waist and chest height.

It is also suitable as a domiciliary stool for podiatry and is used by NHS podiatrists.

Kneeling Stool Specification:
• Seat Dimensions: 50cm x 18cm
• Angled Height: 19cm (front) to 22cm (back)
• Weight: 1.6kg
• Active Bacterial Protection (inc MRSA)
• Excellent infection control features
• Folding legs for easy portability
• Non slip legs
• Carrying Capacity: 130kg (20 stones)
• Flame retardancy: BS4735 and FMV:SS302
• Designed and manufactured in the UK
• Warranty: Lifetime

• Product Code: BPKS-120

Norwich Back Pal Kneeling Stool | Ergonomics

The human spine has a natural curve which is known as its lordosis.

When you sit on a 'Norwich Back Pal Kneeling Stool™' your pelvis is tilted at the correct angle which allows the spine to assume its natural lordosis.

Sitting this way will help to prevent backache and ease existing pain caused by poor posture.

Circulation in the legs is unimpeded and weight is relieved from the knees making it the most comfortable way to kneel on the floor.

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