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Provita Infuboy Personal IV Pole


+ movement creates independence_x000d_
+ movement enhances the well-being_x000d_
+ movement strengthens health_x000d_
- Patient is able to move freely on slopes even with infusion_x000d_
- The patient, with both hands free, can hold onto a railing_x000d_
- Light materials grant high wearing comfort_x000d_
- Easy to clean plastic frame due to reduced adhesion of dirt_x000d_
- Bag (frame) made of high-quality aluminium_x000d_
- Comfortable screw height adjustment safety_x000d_
- Plastic frame without toxic ingredients_x000d_
- No risk of injury thanks to hooks that automatically fold_x000d_
- Washable bag (fabric) up to 60°_x000d_
- Complete recyclability_x000d_
Technical Data_x000d_
IV-pole material: stainless steel_x000d_
Fabric: 100 % polyester_x000d_
Height adjustment: screw height adjustment_x000d_
Regulating range: 700mm to 850mm_x000d_
Hooks: 2 _x000d_
Carrying Capacity: 2 kg _x000d_
Size: 350mm x 795 mm_x000d_
Weight: 1.6kg_x000d_

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