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Provita Children IV Rainbow Stand


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Unique intravenous stand that is ergonomically designed and engineered for children in order to provide them a child-friendly environment and stimulate their recovery process faster. It is extremely simple to assemble which requires a 1 screw connection. 

Weighing only 2-3 kg, it is very user-friendly and the safey bottle holder is in accordance to ISO 15374 certified. 

There is a sealing cap that prevents IV- stand from hygienical sensitive liquids.

• Bottle holder: 4 hooks
• Height adjustment
• Regulating range: 1.35 mm -2.00 mm
• Tube diameter: 2.5 cm / 1.8 cm
• Base diameter: 63.5 cm
• Total load capacity: 8kg
• Weight: 3kg
• 3 folding feet with rubber grips
• Designed and manufactured in the EU
• Available in Red/ Black / Yellow

Suitable for home IV therapy for children.

• Product Code:

I-HA4125 Red, Black and Yellow with Airplane Castors 

I-HA4126 Green, Black and Yellow with Mouse Castors

I-HA4130 Yellow, Blue and Green with Airplane Castors

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